Transits analysis

The transit analysis is a personalized analysis in audio or video format of about one hour that allows you to discover the trends for the next twelve months in different areas. It is particularly useful for time related issues such as a good time for investment or family life. This analysis allows you to better manage situations in order to have the best possible results.



This type of analysis is intended to identify major trends in the coming months. The areas that will be favored and those that may be problematic will be brought to your attention. The analysis covers the next twelve months and other information brought by the slow planets will also be given to you. If you want to know what is the appropriate time period to get into one activity or another, that is what you will learn from this analysis.

The transit analysis can be particularly useful if it is focused on a particular area of your life, such as business, a real estate project that extends over a long period of time, or family life. Do not hesitate to ask to insist on one point or another in your application. The periods are dated.

The audio or video analysis will be sent to you by a downloadable link within 3 to 5 days.

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