révolution solaire (1)

Solar revolution

The solar revolution or annual theme is a glimpse of the year between your two birthdays. It is very useful to know what will be the main goals, opportunities, chances and challenges to stop moving blindly forward.



The return of the sun to its native position marks the beginning of a new life cycle. The annual theme sets the tone for the year and provides visibility. Which projects should you get involved in? Which areas will be favored? Which ones are to be avoided? What will my financial life be like? My love life? What is the best time for a trip? It is to questions of this type, and much more, that the Solar Revolution analysis proposes to answer, while giving the main orientations of the year.

It is an analysis that allows you to cross the year successfully by surfing on favorable planetary influences while avoiding those that are less favorable. Don’t fumble around any more, know where the forces of resistance and the zones of freedom are.

The audio or video analysis will be sent to you by a downloadable link within 3 to 5 days.

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