Code of ethics

Oriastral has taken the initiative to set up a charter of ethics so that the users of the Oriastral site are fully informed of the commitments and rules established by us in the use of the site by the experts. We scrupulously see to it that these rules are respected and of course we invite our clients to inform us precisely of any breach or behavior that they consider to be contrary to these ethical rules via the following link.

All the experts working through Oriastral have signed and taken the commitment to respect this ethical charter in the exercise of their profession and their activity with all the attention and honesty of rigor.

Obligation of means

On Oriastral, the experts make a commitment characterized by an obligation of means (use of their knowledge, their gifts, their knowledge). This implies the prohibition of any certainty or guarantee as to the accuracy or realization of the predictions regardless of the method used. With or without support, this obligation of means thus leads to a clear knowledge by the users as for the result of the consultation which cannot therefore be guaranteed.

Professional secrecy

All experts are bound by the strictest professional secrecy and consequently by the confidentiality rules in force, prohibiting them from disclosing any information concerning users. This prohibition of disclosure is valid regardless of the recipient or the means used, direct or indirect.

All experts are also prohibited from recording, without the users’ knowledge, conversations held during consultations or using any information outside the consultation.

Unlawful Practices and Free Will

All experts are committed to respecting the free will of the users and refrain from exercising any influence on them for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, experts also refrain from abusing the credulity or naivety of persons in a weak position and from exploiting this situation for illicit or malicious purposes.

Customer contact and detour

All experts agree not to make any contact with Oriastral’s customers or to use Oriastral for personal, commercial or religious purposes in any way whatsoever, including through indirect misuse. For the experts, this means that it is forbidden to transmit any personal contact information whatsoever to users.

Minors and protected persons

All Oriastral’s experts refrain from any consultation with a person under 18 years old or not enjoying his full capacity of discernment. This includes, among others, persons unable to enter into any commitment as well as persons protected by article 488 of the French Civil Code.

Occult work and illegal practice of medicine

All the experts undertake not to practice any occult work (disenchantment, witchcraft, exorcism, magic…).

The experts at Oriastral also refrain from making any statements relating to the medical field, giving or establishing a prognosis of health or advising users on the medical treatment followed.

Relationship with users

On Oriastral, all the experts commit themselves in a general way to carry out any activity of clairvoyance with sincerity, honesty, loyalty, quality, objectivity and independence.

All of Oriastral’s experts therefore undertake not to put the users of the site in financial difficulty and must warn them in the case of signs of dependency or immoderate consultations by the user. Likewise, they are required to be strictly professional in their behavior towards users, thus prohibiting the use of the consultation to establish any intimate or non-professional relationship.

Reports between experts

On Oriastral, all the experts commit themselves not to hold any devaluing remarks, to denigrate or tarnish the image of another expert of Oriastral in particular with an aim of attracting or diverting customers.

Any expert who does not respect this code of ethics will have his account closed temporarily or definitively, all legal proceedings remaining reserved.